Prompt Engineering Course

I completely understand the struggles you're facing with prompt engineering. We entrepreneurs, myself included, get hyped about the possibilities of AI, but then get hit with the frustrating reality of generic results and confusion amongst the 1000s of AI tools which promise to give us that “viral social media post”.

But you know what the “gurus” don’t want you to know?

You actually don’t need to learn every new AI tool nor do you need the 1000+ prompt pack.

There is only ONE skill you need to learn that can replace 90% of the AI content tools out there.


Okay, don’t get scared by the word “engineering”. I promise it’s not that hard.

My prompt engineering course isn't about throwing technical jargon at you or promising pie-in-the-sky transformations.

Forget generic prompt packs, it's about giving you the practical skills and teaching you how to think about prompting i.e., become a fluent speaker in AI.

I'm here to teach you how to think use AI to create content & brainstorm ideas you would actually use.

Think of it like learning to read and write for the digital age. You wouldn't settle for pre-written sentences to communicate, would you? This is about empowering you take control & build the foundations of your prompting skills with confidence, not confusion.

I'm here to be your Yoda, not your Obi-Wan. No lightsaber twirling, just actionable, no-nonsense strategies that you can start using today to get your AI working for you, not the other way around.

So, if you're ready to ditch the frustration and actually learn how to prompt so you can apply this skill to any part of your business, then enroll today!

Remember, the future is your playground, and AI is your paintbrush. Let's learn how to wield it together.


No fluff. Just Practical Tutorials

  • Create prompts tailored to your business, not generic prompts

  • Understand how to get the best results out of ChatGPT

  • Replace multiple AI copywriting tools & simply your tech stack

Course curriculum

    1. 1. Introduction

    2. 1.1. What is Prompt Engineering?

    3. 1.2. The Problem

    4. 1.3. Why is it Important?

    5. 1.4. Common Mistakes

    6. 1.5. Real World Applications

    7. 1.6. Your Leverage

    1. 2. Chatbot Comparisons

    1. 3.1. The 3 Fundamentals

    2. 3.2. Your Context

    3. 3.2.1. Custom Instructions

    4. 3.3.1. Framework (Public)

    5. 3.3.2. Framework (Books)

    6. 3.3.3. Example (Facebook Post)

    1. 4.0. Introduction

    2. 4.1. Expertise Level

    3. 4.2. Temperature

    4. 4.3. Goals

    5. 4.4. Ideal Prompt Generator

    6. 4.5. 80/20 Rule

    7. 4.6. Critique

    8. 4.7. Your Background

    9. 4.8. Prompt Primer

    10. 4.9. Ask 1 Question at the End

    11. 4.10. Reverse Engineer

    1. 5.1. Review Contracts

    1. 6.1. The 2 Ways to Protect Your Data

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Hi I'm Natalie Choprasert

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Coming from a diverse background in engineering, investments, venture capital, starting a 6-figure E-Commerce from scratch, Tech & AI content creator with over 500,000 followers, all the skills I've gained through my experiences have allowed me to bring you practical, bite sized AI tutorials without the technical jargon. I want to help millions of entrepreneurs grow their business with less resources using AI & Automation.

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